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Email Forwarder

Email Forwarder
  • 1. Login the DirectAdmin platform

    Please refer to the account information provided by our customer service to login the DirectAdmin Platform.
  • 2. Click “E-Mail Accounts”

    To create a forwarder, please go to Step 3A.
    To change a forwarder, please go to Step 3B.
    To delete a forwarder, please go to Step 3C.
  • 3A. Create Forwarder

    Click “Create new E-Mail Forwarder”
  • 3A.ii. Fill in Forwarder information

    you can specify multiple email addresses in the "Destination Email" field if you wish:,

    You can also specify multiple entires in the "Forwarder Name" field:
    This will simply add multiple forwarders.
  • 3A.iii. Add Forwarder Completed

  • 3B. Modify Forwarder

    There is a “Modify” link on each Forwarder item, click it to modify a “Forwarder”.
  • 3B.ii. Modify Forwarder's details

    Note: You can only edit the email account(s) of the forwarded emails.
  • 3B.iii. Update Forwarder Compteted

  • 3B. Delete Forwarder

    Select the Forwarder(s) that you wish to delete and then Click “Delete”.

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