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Using iPhone

Using iPhone

The following setup is based on iOS8.
The settings is basically the same as on iOS6 and iOS7.

  • 1. Enter Mail Settings

  • 2. Select "Others" on email type

  • 3. Add Email Account

  • 4. Enter your account information

    Name: The name you wish to appear on your emails.
    Email: The Email address you set on DirectAdmin panel.
    Password: The password you set for this account when creating it on the DirectAdmin panel.
    Description: The name of the email account.
  • 5. Enter your mail server information

    Select IMAP
    IMAP mail server & SMTP Outgoing Server
    There settings should be completely the same.
    The mail server information has been provided to you by our Customer Service after the application of domain name is completed.
    Username: The Email on step 4. (Must be an complete email address)
    Password: The password on step 4.
  • 6. Select "Continue/OK"

    Since your Domain name has not apply for and SSL Certificate. So, the warning message will pop up.
    It doesn't means anything wrong with the settings. It is just a warning.
  • 7. Select "Mail"

    Un-Select "Note" as you don't need have your note saved on this email account.
  • 8. Setup is completed

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