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Use Outlook (IMAP)

Use Outlook (IMAP)

The following procedures are prepared based on the interface of Microsoft Office Outlook 365, the settings on other Outlook versions and Outlook Express and other Mail software would be similar.

Please note:
IMAP mail keeps all your emails on Mail Server. You can use the same account at different locations, you can also check your emails by Webmail. Therefore, you may require more Hosting Space.

  • 1. Control Panel

    On  the top right corner of the Control Panel, select "Large Icon"
    Click the "Mail" App, and on its popup, click "Email Accounts" button.
  • 2. Select "New Account"

  • 3. Select Service

    Click Next
  • 4. Select Manual Settings

    Check the "Manual Settings..." box and then click "Next"
  • 6. Fill in the account information

    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming Server: (Port: 993)
    • Outgoing Server: (Port: 465)
    • Username(Same as your email address)
    • Password(The password you set on DirectAdmin Panel when creating this account)
  • 7. Delete Items

    Under Purge Options, check "Purge items when switching folders while online". By using this setting, the "Deleted Email" would be deleted permanently.
  • 8. Outgoing Email Settings

    Check "My SMTP server required authentication"
  • 9. Extra Settings

    Click "Advanced" Tab
    • Select "SSL/TLS" for IMAP, Port 993
    • Select "SSL/TLS" for SMTP, Port 465
    • Some ISP blocks port 465 of the Outgoing (SMTP) Server. In case you cannot send email, try to set the Port to 25 or 587
  • 10. Click "Next"

  • 11. Click "Finish"

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